"It's easy to recommend AABETARK's team performance. We rarely find such ability to stay organized in a high-pressure environment. Our renovation project was awarded and satisfactorily executed. You definitely make a difference. Thank you!."

F. Barroso - Country Manager
Sabre International, LLC
Division Venezuela

USA Headquarters:
Pompano Beach, Florida

Office: 954.545.2556

Fax: 954.933.1477

Email: info@aabetark.com

Latin America Regional Office:
Caracas, Venezuela
Fax: +58 (0) 212 762 2530

1. Q. How do I get a free quote from AABETARK CONSULTING?
Answer: Please download, print, fill out and fax back our Estimate- Quote Request Form. After receiving your RFQ by fax or e-mail, we download the drawings directly from your website or we ask for your blueprints (to be mailed or faxed). Within 24 to 48 hours after receipt, we prepare our firm cost proposal for the project. If approved, you will send us a P.O. with your company information and proceed to online payment. We start work within 24 hours after receipt of your payment and agreement to our proposed terms and conditions. Then you will receive our most responsive and detailed MTO/Estimate. After this, you can positively focus on closing your deal with your client.

2. Q. What exactly does "Construction 16 Divisions" refer to?
Answer: "16 Divisions" refers the standard for Construction, as defined by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)'s MasterFormat. Before 2004, MasterFormat was composed of 16 Primary Divisions. Standardizing the presentation of such information improves communication among all parties involved in construction projects. As of December 31, 2009, CSI will only support organizations that have adopted MasterFormat 2004 version (expanded to 50 Divisions).

CSI Code - Divisions

  • 01 General Requirements
  • 02 Existing Conditions
  • 03 Concrete
  • 04 Masonry
  • 05 Metals
  • 06 Wood, Plastics & Composites
  • 07 Thermal & Moisture Protection
  • 08 Openings (Doors & Hardware)
  • 09 Finishes
  • 10 Specialties
  • 11 Equipment
  • 12 Furnishings
  • 13 Special Construction
  • 14 Conveying Systems
  • 21 Fire Suppression
  • 22 Plumbing
  • 23 Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
  • 25 Integrated Automation
  • 26 Electrical
  • 27 Communications
  • 28 Electronic Safety & Security
  • 31 Earthwork
  • 32 Exterior Improvements
  • 33 Utilities
  • 34 Transportation
  • 35 Waterway & Marine Construction
  • 40 Process Integration
  • 41 Material Processing & Handling Equipment
  • 42 Process Heating, Cooling & Drying Equipment
  • 43 Process Gas & Liquid Handling, Purification...
  • 44 Pollution Control Equipment
  • 45 Industry-Specific Manufacturing Equipment
  • 48 Electrical Power Generation

For further Information about Construction Divisions & Product Subcategories please click on:

3. Where can I get further information about GREEN BUILDING and LEED CERTIFICATION?
Answer: The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings. LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.

Environmental benefits:

  • Enhance and protect ecosystems and
  • Improve air and water quality
  • Reduce solid waste
  • Conserve natural resources

Health and community benefits:

  • Improve air, thermal, and acoustic environments
  • Enhance occupant comfort and health
  • Minimize strain on local infrastructure
  • Contribute to overall quality of life

Economic benefits:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Enhance asset value and profits
  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Optimize life-cycle economic performance