"It's easy to recommend AABETARK's team performance. We rarely find such ability to stay organized in a high-pressure environment. Our renovation project was awarded and satisfactorily executed. You definitely make a difference. Thank you!."

F. Barroso - Country Manager
Sabre International, LLC
Division Venezuela

USA Headquarters:
Pompano Beach, Florida

Office: 954.545.2556

Fax: 954.933.1477

Email: info@aabetark.com

Latin America Regional Office:
Caracas, Venezuela
Fax: +58 (0) 212 762 2530

Architect - Ph.D. Art Historian Sorbonne University of Paris, Senior Estimator/ DHI


Mr. Gonzalez has spent more than two decades as an architectural consultant and organizational advisor. Wilbert received his undergraduate degree in architecture from Venezuela Central University-UCV/FAU in 1981. He built his diversified experience working with leading local corporations, cultural institutions and public agencies. His interest in the arts led him to France in 1993, where he received a Master in Museum Administration from Louvre School of Fine Arts. He outlined and developed three major exhibitions in Paris (1995-1996). Then he earned his Ph.D. as an Art Historian from Sorbonne University of Paris in 2002. Relocated in the U.S. in 2003, he set up residence in Pompano Beach, Florida. Mr. Gonzalez has a proven track record as a Project Manager and Business Consultant. He is a Door and Hardware specialist-DHI. He lectures frequently, being invited to events in Europe and Latin America. Innovation is his passion.

Architect - Office Planning Specialist/ Caribbean & Latin America Trade Director


Ms. Gonzalez earned her architectural undergraduate degree from Venezuela Central University-UCV/FAU in 1981. She immediately opened her own corporation related to housing, renovation and real-estate consulting. These experiences expanded her leadership qualities as well as her on-site architectural skills. Later she enhanced her capabilities as an interior designer by working with leading corporations in Caracas (CADA, CATIVEN, FARMATODO, AMAZONAS, FURSYS, FERRARA OFFICE). Dealing with bidding procedures for multinational and Venezuelan firms has strengthened her executive know-how. On May 2003, Ms. Gonzalez started DJG TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS, C.A., which is the Venezuelan partner of AABETARK. Through the years, she has received several awards as an Office Planning Specialist. Excellence is her goal.

Latin America Trade Consultant Director


Mr. Capdevila received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Venezuela Central University-UCV in 1982. Maurice is a specialist in Optimization, Automation and Industrial Process Control, Environmental Impact, Integral Security and Total Quality Project Management. He has extensive experience in maximizing manufacturing productivity and industrial organization re-engineering. Through the years, he has enhanced his ability by working with diverse cross-functional Venezuelan team members (CORPOVEN, ALFONZO RIVAS & Co., VENCERAMICA). He has a proven track record of working on Feasibility Studies and Production Lines Integral Security Programs. He is able to develop accurate and cost-effective procedures to increase corporate goals and business advantages. His personal and professional experience qualify him as an expert in Planning, Predictive Industrial Optimization and Sustainable Development. Quality is his target.